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· 5 min read
Peter Dyer


I am going to be using Visual Studio Code as my code editor. This seems like the most popular choice these days and I have been using it for quite a while and like it. I am a bit of a dinosaur and still run Windows. If you do use Visual Studio Code on Windows, make sure you always Run as Administrator - it will reduce the number of weird errors you get. I am going to walk through my particular setup in more detail below.

I am going to be using Git/Github as my repository and for code sharing. For writing public code I don't think there is really another choice (to be clear, there are other choices but Github is the defacto standard). Although, I like Github a lot, I actually use Azure DevOps (recently rebranded from Visual Studio Team Services) on private projects and like it a lot for small teams too. I have also worked with GitLab but I found it a bit needlessly complex. Any of the commercial offerings from folks like Atlassian would work great, but would be overkill (both in terms of features and cost) for what we are doing here.