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About FullsApps

FullsApps is a blog focused on thoughts and examples for building modern applications with React (web and native) front-ends and cloud-native back-ends (AWS, GCP, and others).


Peter Dyer

Peter, a software professional based in Toronto, Canada, is the primary contributor to the FullsApps Blog. Peter has a long history working in a variety of roles in the software industry. For the past five years his focus has been working to help companies leverage the cloud. His primary interest is cloud native development. That is, developing software solutions that take full advantage of cloud services to build comprehensive applications.

After spending time at companies that were struggling to fully utilize the cloud Peter identified a need for Cloud Native development expertise. That is, knowledge about how cloud services could be interwoven and leveraged smartly to build applications with almost unlimited scalability and continuity built-in, and typically at a fraction of the cost of deploying and managing on-premise solutions or solutions built using the cloud but not fully embracing it. In addition to understanding what cloud services offer value and how to use them, Peter helps teams understand how to leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions as part of their development process to incorporate cloud services into their solutions and deploy them. He has also helped teams understand how to leverage IaC in conjunction with source control to support the automated deployment of various environments while also supporting multi-person development teams.

In addition to working on a variety of cloud native development projects Peter has worked to develop a foundational serverless architecture and supporting materials (presentation,solution briefs, etc) to support a Cloud Native development practice on AWS.