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· 5 min read
Peter Dyer

This is going to be my last post in our recent, impromptu series of posts about Apollo Client, and to a lesser extent Apollo Server. In the first posts we created a very simple Apollo Server and connected it to an equally simple Apollo Client. We worked with various techniques to keep our client and server in sync while also providing users a good user experience. In the end we implemented Optimistic Response where the client is immediately (optimistically) updated and the data sent to the server replaces the optimistic result after a round trip to the server.

The relevant posts are:

In the next post we implemented Subscriptions in both Apollo Client and Apollo Server. This is a useful feature when we want users to be immediately updated based on the activity of other users. In doing so we learned a lot about not only subscriptions but also how the Apollo cache works.

The relevant post is: Apollo Subscriptions