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· 9 min read
Peter Dyer

After writing this post I was inspired to go further with the Apollo Client. It had been a while since I used subscriptions so I decided to continue to add subscription support to both the Server and Client from the previous post. This ended up being much more involved than I expected. There are a few little tricks that make it more difficult than I was expecting. However, I have come out the other side with an even better understanding of both the Apollo Server and Client, and in particular, the Apollo Client cache.

· 3 min read
Peter Dyer

Have you ever needed a quick GraphQL server to test or try something? On occasion I do and I often end up building a server locally from scratch. Libraries like apollo-server make this super simple.

To build a basic GraphQL server I install apollo-server, graphql, uuid (for easy id generation) and nodemon (to hot reload any updates I make). I add a little hard-coded data, define a graphql schema and add a few resolvers.