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· 6 min read
Peter Dyer

Back in Part 7 we blew away our initial testing strategy and decided to move forward with react-testing-library (and jest-dom). In part 10 we wrote tests to confirm our auth library works as expected where we leveraged Jest directly as we were not testing any parts of React. In this post we will start to create tests for the React components we built in the previous post where we created the login, register and forgot password pages in our application.

· 2 min read
Peter Dyer


If you are joining this blog series on this post you should review the previous post. In fact, you likely will need to review the whole series for any of these posts to make sense.

In post 4 (Testing) we established a testing strategy for our app that leveraged Enzyme. In post 6 (Lazy Loading) we decided to upgrade to React 16.7 (alpha) to take advantage of (and to experiment with) some of the new features of React. This broken out tests, per As a result, we decided to move away from Enzyme and move to react-testing-library.