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· 5 min read
Peter Dyer

We will continue from where we left off in the last post. We setup some basic navigation. In this post we will explore how to adjust navigation based on who is logged in - a regular user or and administrator.

Our menus will only be seen once a user has logged in. This is, if a user is not logged in they will have access to the login, register and forgot password screens and nothing else. We will create two different sets of routes depending on whether a user is logged in, and, if logged in, we will wrap our routes in a container that holds our top level navigation.

· 5 min read
Peter Dyer

Application Requirements

We have some basic requirements when it comes to styling our application.

  1. The application must be responsive. Our goal is to provide a usable experience on both mobile and desktop. There is no requirement (or need), at this time, for dedicated mobile apps.
  2. The application is somewhat utilitarian. The look and feel of the application needs to support a good user experience but in and of itself will not attract users to the application.
  3. It is not required that our application have a unique or independent look and feel. In fact, because of the utilitarian nature of our application, it will likely aid users if we follow patterns they are already familiar with in other applications.

The look and feel of our application, and even the usability, may need to change in time. So, we will make choices that focus on moving quickly, and adjust in the future if required.